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All Your Market*r Platform Questions Answered

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Orion’s new Market*r Platform.

If you have any questions not covered below, please contact the Market*r Team at

General Questions

What Is Orion’s Market*r?

Orion’s Market*r platform is the only marketing solution in the industry designed specifically to drive business growth through financial planning.

Combining hyper-personalized content campaigns on top-of-mind planning topics, best-in-class marketing execution technology, and an interactive goals-based workflow, this full-service platform will help advisors boost client engagement and fill their funnel with more qualified prospects . 

Why Did Orion Decide To Build This Tool? 

Marketing plays a key role in helping an advisory firm and brand grow. But for many, implementing an effective marketing program is easier said than done. 

Like many other areas of an advisor’s business, turning to technology to support the creation and execution of marketing tactics that enable planning, presents as the most viable solution. However, despite the range of marketing platforms available, they all fail to drive the necessary connection to planning; provide users with few options for actionable lead capture; limit opportunities for personalization and, often, deliver the bland messaging commonly overused in the industry. 

Orion Market*r was built to address these gaps.

How Does It Work?

Orion’s Market*r helps extend your planning services to clients and prospects by supporting the following marketing-driven process:

  1. Establishing Strategy.  It’s hard to be successful without a plan of action. You will be prompted to identify your target audience and brainstorm the ways you’d like to connect with them. 
  2. Pick A Campaign Theme. What is your firm’s look & feel? Choose from one of three unique design styles and messaging directions to best connect with your audience.
  3. Build A Campaign. Now comes the fun part. Customize your marketing assets with your own branding and firm-specific messaging.
  4. Deploy Campaigns. It’s time to get your message out there. Schedule the date and time your assets will be delivered in just a couple of clicks—and the workflow automation will handle the rest.
  5. Measure Your Success. You can then track the performance of your campaign in your Leads Dashboard, and set up a time to connect with engaged recipients.

How do we access the Market*r Platform?

The Market*r Platform is available as an app within Orion Connect.

How do I get Started?

Getting started is simple. Head over to and sign up. A representative from the Market*r team will be in touch shortly after. 

Campaign Content

What type of content is being created?

The content types include emails (one-off and nurture campaigns), social media posts, landing pages, digital ads, and whitepapers.  Additional content types, including white-labeled videos, will be explored for future campaigns. 

What Campaigns Are Available To Promote?

The campaigns offered at launch will be centered around financial planning’s most popular topics – Retirement Planning, Getting Financially Organized, Education Planning, and Saving for a Large Purchase. Given the current state of the market, we have also added a Market Volatility campaign to our initial offering.

The next campings we’ll be providing shortly after launch will cover Insurance Planning and Recruiting New Advisors to Your Firm.

Beyond this, Market*r will add several new campaigns per month to the platform, focused on a range of topics including:

  • Financial planning 
  • Timely and relevant topics tied to current events
  • Opportunity areas (share of wallet, risk tolerance, asset allocation, etc.)
  • Additional advisor requested campaigns
  • Partner campaign content

What Assets Are Available Within Each Campaign?

Within each campaign, there are three tracks – Traditional, Modern, and Bold. We understand that no two firms market the same way so created different tracks to help match your firm’s style. The tracks are differentiated by the tone, messaging, and images within each track.

Pricing and Packaging

Do I Need A Dedicated Marketing Team To Utilize This Technology?

You will not need a dedicated marketing team to utilize this technology yet, Market*r offers three tiers of advisor support:

Tier 1:
Customizable  Campaigns 
Tier 2:
A Full-Service Solution 
Tier 3:
Marketing Concierge
Includes:Access to: All content & creative; Customize & downloadTier 1+: Marketing automation technology; Reporting Tier 2+: 1 Marketing Plan (template); 5 Hours of Consultation or Execution Services per Month;
Needs beyond this will be billed at an hourly rate of $250 per hour.
Set-Up: GuidedGuidedGuided
Training:Self-guidedGuided & Self-guidedGuided & Self-guided
Support:Level 1 Technical SupportLevel 1 Technical Support SME team accessLevel 1 Technical Support SME team access; Marketing Concierge 

How Much Will This Offering Cost?

Pricing is based on the tier of support and content you choose to have access to: 

Tier 1:
Customizable Campaigns 
Tier 2:
A Full-Service Solution 
Tier 3:
Marketing Concierge
Cost:Set-Up: $300
Monthly: $150
Annually: $1,500
Set-Up: $300
Monthly: $350
Annually: $4,000 
Set-Up: $300
Monthly: $600
Annually: $7,000 

* Please note that there is an additional cost for any level of custom platform development that may be requested.

Do I Need to Use Orion To Use This Product Or Can It Be Sold Separately?
Yes, Market*r will have direct connection to Orion Connect, where you will access the Market*r app. As a result, you need to be an Orion client to use the product.

Does A Firm Need To Use Orion Planning (formerly Advizr) To Use Market*r?

No – while it is highly suggested for connectivity and a premiere experience, Orion Planning is not required to use Market*r. 

Is Orion Planning (formerly Advizr) separate from the Markt*r program? 

Orion Planning and Market*r are separate applications, however, since both are part of the Orion ecosystem, they are tightly integrated and we will continue to improve their connectivity moving forward. As a reminder, Orion Planning is free to all Orion clients.


What integrations does Market*r have on its roadmap?

Currently, we are looking into integrations with the industry’s leading CRM providers and with several online providers of lead lists.

Can Market*r replace the need for other marketing tools such as email distribution software?

Yes, Market*r is a comprehensive marketing solution that provides solutions for many of the activities critical to your marketing efforts including content creation, automated distribution, and analytics, among others. 

That said, there are multiple tiers of platform accessibility for different parts of the Market*r system, allowing you to use your existing marketing tools in addition to Market*r, should you choose to do so.

Can you import leads from other sources?

Yes, leads can be imported from any source as contacts via excel.

Compliance Information 

Does the Market*r Platform archive all of the content it sends?

Yes, all content is archived indefinitely and it can be easily exported upon request.  

Is there a firm-level login?

There is a firm/admin level login. We will also be able to send all of the content for prior review before adding to the advisor level.

Can advisors make changes to content?

The platform is designed for the ability to personalize the content however, this can be dialed back or removed altogether if needed.

Does the content get sent to compliance for approval? If so, is this pre-approved or post-approved content.

The content is created to be customized by the firm or advisor so it is not pre-approved by a compliance team before being launched on the platform. Having said that, all of the content is created with advisor compliance rules and regulations in mind and can be sent to compliance prior to or alongside distribution to clients and prospects. More automated compliance workflows are on our roadmap.

Are there any Orion disclosures as part of the content? If so, what Orion disclosures are part of the content? (i.e. For informational purposes only and created by Orion) 

There is an Orion disclosure that needs to be agreed to before sending/posting content.

Is there an ability for the firm’s disclosures to be added? 

Yes – across all content pieces or on a one-off basis.

Branding Information

Can I use Market*r to distribute my own assets?

Currently, you can send custom emails through the system. Enabling this functionality for all asset types is on our roadmap. 

Does our firm branding appear on all content?

Yes, your firm’s brand is the only branding that will be seen on all assets/campaigns.